Merry Feefmas!!!
Feefmas 2008 Schedule

Oh yeah, it's on ...
Put on your Feefmas hats, carb up, and get some rest, ‘cause we have quite a lineup planned this year. Your all time favorite activities share this year’s schedule with new and as yet untested events occurring throughout the Feefmas season. Let this serve as both cordial invitation and outright dare.

Feefmas Eve @ the Kennedy School
Saturday, Nov. 8th

Feefmas kicks off with its annual siege of the Kennedy School. We're going to mix things up a bit. This year we'll meet at the new Boiler Room at 6:30..The Boiler Room is a new feature of the Kennedy School. It's got two levels of fun; booths, pool tables, a full bar, food and a jukebox. It's the perfect place to kick off Feefmas.

Friday, Nov. 14th

Do you like steak? Do you like strippers? Would you like to eat steak and look at strippers? Meet us at the world famous, Marilyn Manson-approved Acropolis for steak and potatoes and lotsa skin...

Montage Lounge Night
Friday, Nov. 21

Still feeling hung-over from the Boiler Room? theFeef recommends some hair of the dog. Join us for some ambiance at La Merde at the Montage.

Feefmas Day Parade to Esparza’s
Saturday, Nov. 22th

Feefmas Actual. A parade with a rickshaw and - hopefully - musicians. We'll gather *** and circle the 28th street area. We'll end at Esparza's for an authentic Tex-Mex food and binge-drinking Coronas.

Thanksgiving Holiday/Civil War
No events, help theFeef root for the Beavers s latest attempt to crush, destroy and humiliate the vile, icky Ducks


Horsebrass (sorry, private event, invitation only)
Friday,Dec. 5th

Give your liver a rest. TheFeef recommends green tea, lots of green tea.

Saturday, December 6th

Enough green tea, let's get some drinks, some REAL drinks.


Girls' X-Mas Special (sorry, private event, invitation only)
Friday, Dec. 12th

The girls claim they're watching old Christmas movies. For the boys, see the next event

Boys: Fu & Brew (sorry, private event, invitation only)
Friday, Dec. 12th

Bruce Lee extravaganza. Recommended only for the kungfu obsessed and the poor, unfortunate souls who are stuck loving them. Not a kid-friendly event, we will NOT be watching Kung Fu Panda.

Yule Brynner + Beer-A-Mid (sorry, private event, invitation only)
Saturday, Dec. 13th

Breakfast for Dinner. and building a pyramid out of empty beer cans.

X-nias Ships
Sunday, Dec. 14th

A classic Portland tradition and a classic Feefmas event. Viewing location to be determined.


McMenamin's Pub Crawl at Edgefield
Friday, Dec. 19th

Do you know theFeef moonlights as a ghost at Edgefield, where he haunts every bar there? He's taking us on a tour of all of them.


X-mas Decompression (sorry, private event, invitation only)
Thursday, Dec. 25th

Beer and leftovers.

Rasher Shonna (sorry, private event, invitation only)
Saturday, Dec. 27th

The infamous bacon banquet.


Andy's Birthday Party (sorry, private event, invitation only)
Wednesday, Dec. 31st

Andy gets a year older and Feefmas finally ends for another year with the ceremonial throwing out of theFeef.

It's all about the bacon...


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